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    In this section each month we will give out some top tips that can help with your training, weight loss and wellbeing.

    This month we are looking at the Glycemic Index (Gi). Many foods have the Gi listed on the label as High Gi, Low Gi or Moderate Gi. The Gi of a food represents the speed at which the sugars (carbohydrates) deliver glucose into the blood. The impacts this can have on your health are as follows;

    (High Gi = Above 85, Moderate Gi = 60 – 85, Low Gi = Below 60)

    - High Gi diets are associated with an increased risk of diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular diseases.

    - Low Gi diets may help to protect against Coronary Heart Disease and colorectal cancer.

    - Low Gi diets promote satiety and help weight management.

    Written by on 20.09.13

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